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 Frequently asked questions


  • How many members may be written onto the registration form for each team?

 The number of team members on the registration form is limited to 10. However, only 3 players + 1 alternate may participate in one game. The alternate may replace any of the other three players. A team’s composition may differ from game to game, but only those players entered on the registration form may play for the team in question. The registration forms can be seen HERE (requires password). 


  • How many teams can one company enter into the tournament?

We aim to guarantee at least one place in the tournament for each company with offices in IBC. Each company can thus enter only one team. Nevertheless, if by a certain date (see IBC OP Tournament Program) we are under the maximum number of teams, we can add additional teams from companies that express an interest in doing so. In order words, feel free to put together team no. 2 and wait to see. You might just get lucky.


  • Where do we get the equipment?

Pétanque balls (boules), jacks, and measuring tape will always be available at the IBC reception desk, where you can borrow them any time you like. That means that you can also practice outside of competition time, as long as you respect the teams that have come to play an official tournament game. After you are done, please wipe the boules clean and return the equipment to the reception.


  • What happens if I move the jack with a boule?

Nothing happens as long as the jack remains in bounds or doesn’t touch the border. Otherwise, the jack is out of bounds and the game is restarted. If the jack is moved just a little bit, then it remains where it is and the game continues. This can be very exciting, since the jack’s new position can turn around the entire course of the game. Therein lies the magic of pétanque.


  • What is the correct way to throw the boule?

There are no direct rules as to what kind of "grip" is allowed. Nevertheless, there is one "correct" time-tested way. By holding the boule from above (like the handlebars on a bicycle), you will be better able to control its trajectory, give the boule backspin as you throw, and throw high or low – whatever you need in order to respond to the current terrain and situation, without having to change the basic posture with extended arm. And most important of all ... throw with style!


  • Can plastic or competition boules be purchased, for instance for Christmas?

If you are interested in buying your own boules, please talk to the organizers. We will be glad to give you advice.


  • What will the closing party in conjunction with the tournament finals look like? And what yummy food will be there?

Let yourself be surprised. We are sure that it will be worth attending.