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 Christmas surprise from Africa!

The first letter from the little girl in Africa.
You might remember that our first annual tournament was won by the Hati-Hati team from STMecroelectronics. The prize was a beautiful Nespresso coffee maker.
(photo here) Since by coincidence they had recently already bought one, they offered it for sale to the other tournament participants, with double the proceeds going to sponsor a child in a developing country. The coffee maker was purchased by PBW, and HatiHati fulfilled its promise. If you visit the IBC Office Pétanque website, you can read a pdf file containing a sweet letter from little Nassuna Annet and her social worker. We are proud that the IBC Office Pétanque tournament has grown to include this unexpected facet, and will gladly publish future letters from Africa as well.




We know the best teams of second annual IBC OFFICE PÉTANQUE, witch will come to a close this Thursday, 24 June 2010. The following teams will be playing for prestige and prizes from our sponsors:


The winne of the second edition of  IBC OFFICE PETANQUE 2010 is the team

Fallen from Mazars

playing in the composition (from the left) Pavel Hradílek, Ivana Procházková, Jana Rybářová,

Zuzana Rozsívalová and Teddy Monsallier 


For other pictures please check the czech version of Homepage.


All deF



tails are available at For now, here is a summary of the most important facts:

  • we will be playing in teams of three, using special office pétanque balls (a fourth player may participate in each game as an alternate)
  • each company can register 3 to 12 players on a team, and ea ch game can be played by a different combination of players. In any case the prices for winners are supposed for the teams of 6 people
  • each company may sign up one team + two “stand-by” teams in case we need to add extra teams in order to comple
    te all the groups of competition
  • we will with group play in May and June, with teams playing in round-robin competition within each group. The tournament will culminate in a final evening in front of the IBC entrance with refreshment, music and – most important of all – the semifinals and final match
  • please register online or fill in the registration form enclosed and send a scanned copy by email to or hand it to the reception desk. Don’t forget your team name and two contacts
  • registration deadline in  12 May 2010 at 12.30 noon
  • there is no registration fee
  • access to the website for downloading documents and looking at team lists  is able by login. Login and password was send in your e-mail
  • the tournament is held under the auspices of the IBC’s administration; all organizational issues are being handled by Pétanque pro Vás (Pétanque for You). You can contact either Petr Fuksa (+420-602 261 925) or Karel Dohnal (+420-731 573 219), or write us an email using the website or directly at

This is an excellent opportunity f
or you to add some fun to your lunch break while getting to know colleagues from other companies whom you may have run into before but with whom you have yet to strike up a conversation. The rules have been adapted to make matches short and results quickly known. After each match, hand in a “Game Record” signed by both team captains at the reception. The balls for IBC Office Pétanque are available at the reception both for games or for practicing whenever the courts are not reserved for the tournament.  

Pétanque has come for you. Don’t hesitate and enjoy!